Jesus Vazquez Gonzalez

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Thesis Title: Lubricious PVD Coatings For Forging Dies

Degree Plan: Doctorate of Philosophy
Completion: December 2024

CANFSA Student Since: January 2021

Bio: Jesus is currently working on lubricious coatings for forging dies to eliminate/reduce the use of lubricant in hot forging and has experience in both research and manufacturing and has worked internationally on materials engineering, aviation and management with over 20 years of experience and done R&D on variety of projects related to this research: functionally graded plasma sprayed coatings, dip coatings for electrochemistry and solar collector applications, sintering, and won the 210 Tecnos Awards for his nanotechnology material developed for the fluid sealing industry that has since 2008 saved over $2 billion in water pumping electricity costs. His hobbies include skiing, motorcycling, traveling, movies and enjoying the outdoors.