Byron McArthur


Thesis Title: In-situ Observation of Phase and Texture Evolution Proceeding Abnormal Grain Growth in Ni-Based Aersopace Alloys

Degree Plan: Doctorate of Philosophy

Completion: May 2019

CANFSA Student Since: May 2015

Bio: Byron McArthur completed his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering at Colorado State University in 2014 and worked at Triumph Aerospace Systems -Seattle. His work included landing gear test systems and hydraulic component design. In 2015, he started his Master’s of Science degree at Colorado School of Mines under Professor Michael Kaufman, researching effects of heat treatment variations on fatigue life of titanium alloys. Byron continued his education at Colorado School of Mines, and is a PhD candidate studying abnormal grain growth in nickel-based superalloys. His hobbies include dirt biking, hiking, skiing, ice climbing, and playing with his dog.