Adriana Eres Castellanos


Focus Area: Rapid Solidification of Nickel Alloys

CANFSA Researcher Since: 2022

Bio: Adriana Eres-Castellanos is originally from Asturias, Spain. She finished her Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering in 2017 at University of Oviedo. After a short research experience abroad and because of her interest in materials science, she started working at the Spanish National Center for Metallurgical Research, where she researched on the effect of plastic deformation on the displacive phase transformations in medium carbon high silicon steels for five years. During this period of time, she completed her Master’s degree in Materials Engineering (2018) at the Technical University of Madrid and her PhD (2021) at the Menendez Pelayo International University. With the aim of widening her field of research and gain knowledge on solidification structures, she moved to Golden in February 2022 to work at Colorado School of Mines as a postdoc. Some of her other interests include travelling, hiking and meeting up with friends.